Watershed co-organizers Raoul Deal and Nicolas Lampert envision Watershed as an evolving project – one that is experimental, organic, and collaborative. We are interested in working with other curators in different cities and countries who will help co-organize a Watershed project that has a strong local component. Meaning that, future shows be comprised of :

-some works from the first Watershed show in Milwaukee (or new works by some of the artists in the first show.)
-new works and new projects that are created by artists who are based in and around the host city/country.

We are not looking to simply tour the existing show as it was first presented in Milwaukee. Rather, the next show would be a new project. It would be Watershed: (name of host city)

To create a new show/project, Deal and Lampert would need to collaborate with a curator/artist/activist who shares a similar vision and was excited about curating a local component. Deal and Lampert both believe that local artists will know regional water issues best. A compelling aspect of the show will be the dialog and connections of the work that addresses water issues in the Great Lakes region of the US and Canada and the artists who address water issues in their region. (Of course many of the works in the show will also address global water issues, so the focus does not have to be limited to two regions of the world.)

To move forward, Deal and Lampert would need to collaborate with a curator/organizer who has a budget to facilitate new works by local artists and a budget to facilitate how past or new works from the Watershed Milwaukee show could be incorporated into the exhibit. We would need to plan for a show to take place in 1.5 – 2 years so that artists had time to create projects and had time to collaborate with those “outside” the art discipline – scientists, farmers, community activists, government offices, and others. Deal and Lampert would need a budget to create new works and ship some existing works. We would also need travel expenses to come over and help install, attend the opening, and present our ideas in a public lecture.

Please contact project organizers Nicolas Lampert and Raoul Deal to dialogue about a potential Watershed project.

Nicolas Lampert: animaltrap (at) yahoo (dot) com

Raoul Deal: rgdeal (at) uwm (dot) org

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